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Our Story


Meet the Founder

Famous Malaysian photographer. Having been engaged in the photography industry for more than 20 years, adhering to the concept of "everyone's story is unique", he created the original shooting concept of "photographing for you" and founded Destino Bridal Gallery, De Family and D Branding.

Destino Bridal Gallery


Launched Destino Bridal Gallery

 was founded in 2011


Shooting with Johor State Royal

Designated as the third prince of Johor for his personal image portrait

Shooting with Johor State Royal
Shooting with Johor State Royal


Shooting with Johor State Royal

The exclusive Chinese wedding photography company in the nation was selected to


De Family

Specializing in capturing beautiful moments through family portraits, parent-child photos, maternity shots, baby albums, bestie photos, and pet photography for our clients.

Launched De Family

D Branding logo


Launched D Branding

Specialize in creating captivating brand imagery for businesses through tailored photography projects. Our one-on-one consultations with fashion and styling experts ensure a personalized touch, bringing your unique brand identity to life."


Launched Destino Signature Studio & Academy

to be the leading national photography hub, fostering talent in a superior learning environment.

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