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Videographer & Editor

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About the Role

1. Conceptualize and develop a clear storyboard for each video project, outlining the sequence of shots, transitions, and visual elements to effectively convey the intended message or story.
2. Operate video cameras, audio equipment, and lighting during video shoots to capture high-quality footage with appropriate angles, lighting, and composition.
3. Provide guidance and direction to talent and subjects during video shoots, ensuring they deliver the desired performance and fit the storyboard vision.
4. Work closely with the creative team to brainstorm ideas, develop concepts, and incorporate feedback into the video production process.
5. Utilize video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro) to edit raw footage, add music, sound effects, graphics, and visual effects to create videos.
6. Demonstrate adaptability and creativity to work in various video styles, genres, and formats to the diverse needs of different projects.
7. Communicate effectively with team members and clients, collaborating on video projects and understanding their requirements and feedback.


1. Diploma or Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication, Broadcasting, Advertising or a related field. Fresh graduations are welcome.

2. Expertise in video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Capcut or other relevant tools.

3. A creative mindset and the ability to generate fresh ideas and concepts for video projects.

4. Solid understanding of video production processes, including pre-production planning, shooting, and post-production editing.

5. Excellent time management skills to handle multiple video projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines.

6. Collaboration and communication skills to work effectively with cross-functional teams and clients.

7. Knowledge of motion graphics and animation is a plus but not mandatory.

8. A passion for video production and a desire to continuously improve your videography and editing skills.

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