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Assistant Gown Consultation

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About the Role

1. Assist and engage with clients in their gown selection journey, understanding their preferences and style.
2. Provide personalized gown recommendations based on client preferences, body shape, and the nature of the shooting.
3. Coordinate and facilitate gown fittings, ensuring the right fit and adjustments to achieve the perfect look for clients.
4. Offer valuable fashion advice, including colour coordination, accessories, and styling tips to complement the chosen gown.


1. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to interact effectively with clients and provide personalized assistance.

2. A passion for fashion and an interest in gown styling and trends.

3. Creativity in providing gown recommendations and finding solutions to meet clients' unique needs.

4. Flexibility to work on weekends or extended hours, as gown consultations may involve accommodating client schedules.

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